The Difference

At Kanaan Communications, we strive to balance Production- Quality -Safety.  Each of these components is as equally important as the other.  Both management and our employees are held accountable for balancing Production-Quality-Safety in our daily business to give our customer the level of service that meets or exceeds their expectations.


Kanaan Communication provides a wide range of services to major telecommunications providers including, outside plant construction (Aerial/Underground); plant maintenance; network upgrades including node splits, fiber & coax splicing, and activation/certification work; power supply maintenance, and engineering services

Whether it is on- going maintenance or capital projects, we complete them on time and within budget. Remember Kanaan Communications is a partner that can and will deliver your required needs.



At Kanaan Communications, production is checked and double checked, making sure the job is completed right the first time.

Quality is essential to our telecommunication customers.  As one of our core values, we feel quality is essential to our success.  That is as evidenced by our continued growth and expanded market share.

Our employees have the latest equipment including meters, ensuring your specifications are accurately met.  We provide in-depth classroom trained and certified technicians



Our safety culture is designed to minimize employee injuries and job incidents.  We provide state of the art and hands on training for all our employees.  Our Management Team follows up with all our employees in the field as they work to balance their Production-Quality-Safety.

Our approach

  • Our training certifies our employees in PPE, Ladder, Driving, Aerial Lift, Confined Space, Underground to prevent accident and injuries while providing all the job required safety equipment to our team
  • Conduct Job Site Observations on each employee and coach for improvement
  • All vehicles equipped with Drive Cam to ensure the safety of our employees and the general public
  • Coach employees to improve their driving habits to reduce potential risk


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